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How To Check The Purity of Silver Jewellery?

How To Check The Purity of Silver Jewellery?

“Jewellery” the word itself symbolizes prestige, aristocracy, and security. Apart from gold, nowadays, people are shifting their interest in SILVER Jewellery as it has the antic charm and these are budget-friendly.

Now, it must be a concern whether you are buying pure plain silver Jewellery or not, as silver itself is very delicate. Metals like copper and nickel are used in silver Jewellery for their durability.

So, there are some measures by which we can check the purity of Silver Jewellery.

Process of Checking Purity of Silver Jewelry

You must check if there is any “IS” symbol or not. If it has, the silver is not pure. It is silver plated.

Globally pure silver is stamped as 925,900,800. Most of the jewelry is made of 925,999 sterling silver. So check the stamp is engraved anywhere on the Jewellery.

Pure silver Jewellery must have the level of “sterling,” which means the silver is 92.5% close to pure silver.

Put a few drops of nitric acid on silver Jewellery (where it can’t be seen)… If it turns creamy white…it is pure. If it turns greenish, it is false.

If you put a piece of ice on silver, it’ll melt rapidly even at room temperature because silver has the highest thermal conductivity.

You can check the purity of silver with a magnet because it is non-magnetic. By following these few, you can check the purity of silver Jewellery.

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