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How To Check The Purity of Silver Jewellery?

How To Check The Purity of Silver Jewellery?

“Jewellery” the word itself symbolizes prestige, aristocracy, and security. Apart from gold, nowadays, people are shifting their interest in SILVER Jewellery as it has the antic charm and these are budget-friendly.

Now, it must be a concern whether you are buying pure plain silver Jewellery or not, as silver itself is very delicate. Metals like copper and nickel are used in silver Jewellery for their durability.

So, there are some measures by which we can check the purity of Silver Jewellery.

Process of Checking Purity of Silver Jewelry

You must check if there is any “IS” symbol or not. If it has, the silver is not pure. It is silver plated.

Globally pure silver is stamped as 925,900,800. Most of the jewelry is made of 925,999 sterling silver. So check the stamp is engraved anywhere on the Jewellery.

Pure silver Jewellery must have the level of “sterling,” which means the silver is 92.5% close to pure silver.

Put a few drops of nitric acid on silver Jewellery (where it can’t be seen)… If it turns creamy white…it is pure. If it turns greenish, it is false.

If you put a piece of ice on silver, it’ll melt rapidly even at room temperature because silver has the highest thermal conductivity.

You can check the purity of silver with a magnet because it is non-magnetic. By following these few, you can check the purity of silver Jewellery.

SILVER STAR JEWELLERY – The One-Stop-Solution to AUTHENTIC and BEST QUALITY Silver Jewellery

Are you still searching for authentic, pure, and original silver Jewellery? Your wait is over now. SILVER STAR JEWELLERY has been a prominent name in manufacturing and selling handcrafted silver jewelry in India and across the globe, in different countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and others. They are the most trusted silver jewelry supplier and silver jewelry exporter in India in the current industry.

SILVER STAR JEWELLERY - The One-Stop-Solution to AUTHENTIC and BEST QUALITY Silver Jewellery

If you are looking for beautiful silver jewelry handcrafted at a very reasonable price, you can rely upon the name Silver Star Jewelry.

Here Are Some Reasons To Consider Buying It From Silver Star Jewellery:

  • SILVER STAR JEWELLERY always values your budget. One can buy their Jewellery directly from the manufacturers at a wholesale rate.
  • They always sell 925 sterling silver which is the best stamp for silver Jewellery. So, you get purity with every piece.
  • Nowadays, silver Jewellery holds a strong position in fashion and growing day by day. A variety of designs can be found at their site, which is so trendy and modern that they will surely attract anyone when one wears them at any social gathering.
  • As these are all handmade, they can personalize your Jewellery according to your choice and budget, and of course, with their innovative ideas, they will add some extra creativity to it.
  • You’ll get a unique piece of radiance to wear from this site because all their Jewellery is made with intense effort and labor of their craftsman.
  • Customers’ priorities and satisfaction are their primary concerns. During a long 40+ years journey, their main goal remains to provide customers with the best quality product at the best price. Currently, they are open to receiving orders from all over the world.
  • Their stocks are always full, so there is no delay in shipment.
  • They commit the best quality products to their customers, obviously a great thing in online marketing.
  • They will be the best option for retailing as you’ll get all the products at a wholesale rate because all these are coming directly from the manufacturers.
  • All their staffs are high skilled in-house silversmiths. That’s why uniqueness can be found in every product.
  • The brand has always satisfied its customers over the years, so customers have a strong bonding with them because they know this brand will never fail to meet their expectations.
  • They always listen to their customers, are reliable to them, and have a good reputation in the industry.
  • They put their heart’s content into improving the quality of their products, so one can completely rely upon the standards.
  • They believe in maintaining long-term relationships with their customers, so in case of any issues found in the jewelry set, the customers can call customer care and resolve the issue.

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