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How To Clean Silver Earrings At Home?

how to clean silver earrings

For years silvers have been a great choice and are still popular. Just like it goes well with every occasion, it too comes with a significant problem, i.e., they tend to lose their shine over time. Are your silver earrings too blackened? This blog will tell you how to clean silver earrings.

You must probably be looking for ways to clean your silver earrings. Aren’t you? Whether you wholesale sterling silver bracelets or earrings, they can quickly lose their luster and shine. Luckily, here are some simple ways to clean your silver earrings at home.

Method 1: Cornflour With Water



Method 2: Baking Soda With Water



Method 3: Dish Soap and Water



Method 4: Lemon and Olive Oil



Ways to Prevent Tarnish on Silver Jewelry

Silver sulfide, formed when sulfur atoms mix with silver, causes tarnish. Although you won’t be able to shield silver from air, moisture, or heat, you can surely try to reduce exposure.

However, prevention is the key to tarnish-free silver jewelry, and here are some best ways : 

The first thing you should do is inspect your storage to ensure it is secure for your silver.

Make sure you don’t put your silver items in rubber, plastic bins, or plastic bags. Instead, keep your things in a dry place.

You might not be able to prevent tarnishing completely. However, cleaning your silver jewelry after each usage can help to slow it down.

So whether you’re buying silver earrings or sterling silver bracelets wholesale, the best option is to keep these items long-lasting by following simple measures such as leaving your silver jewelry behind when going to shower or even when cooking, washing dishes, or working outside.

Things like dyed tissue paper printed newsprint, open sulfur containers, and perfumes should all be removed. Although you may believe that empty containers would never tarnish, there is a potential they will.

When many parts are stored together, it can cause scratches, and the same bag might cause harm. So the best option is to keep each item in its bag. Remember to keep your silver jewelry away from direct sunlight.

Take Care of Your Jewelry!

No doubt, silver is a beautiful, elegant, and versatile metal. But it may also quickly tarnish and lose its luster. However, with these tips mentioned above and methods, you can easily take care of your silver jewelry and pass it to future generations.

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