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Who is The Number 1 Wholesale Silver Jewelry Exporter in India?

Who is The Number 1 Wholesale Silver Jewelry Exporter in India?

Buying jewelry has always been seen as highly encouraging, and Indians believe in buying and investing in jewelry from the tiny amount of savings that they think the prices of gold fall a little, they tend to invest in it.

Gifting gold to relatives on occasions has always been a great ritual. People have shifted their interest from gold to silver jewels with changing times and trends. Silver is versatile, sophisticated, timeless, and beautiful, and it has never got the amount of appreciation it deserves.

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Being buried under the earth’s crust, we have always seen silver as the most precious metal. People have owned and beautifully designed it since it was discovered. Silver was a medium of exchange through silver coins. Still, now it has been seen as a signifier of wealth and prosperity.

The famous phrase “born with a silver spoon” isn’t an understatement.

Silver Has Various Health Benefits:

Germ Fighter

Tracing the history thousand of years, they have marked the medicinal properties of silver with its finger on it. Various ayurvedic and Vedic texts have proved silver to have cleansing practices, especially those associated with food drinks. The wealthy households still prefer silver vessels to drink beverages and have food.

Therapeutic Benefits

Silver accessories have been used for psychotherapy and mental health. Accessories like silver spinners, silver charms, rings, and bracelets rimmed with tiny beads help relieve anxiety, and silver promotes a calming effect on the senses.

Color-changing Property

Silver has non-toxic properties; due to this, silver acts as a great indicator of toxicity in your skin and body. Whenever the silver encounters excess toxicity, it starts changing its color due to the formation of silver oxide.

Antiseptic and Self-sanitizing

Silver has been known to be non-toxic and non-allergic to skin. Silver nitrate is essential for treating various skin infections such as corns and warts, and silver jewelry help treats skin burns and is considered highly safe by doctors.

Shield of Body Energy and Wound Dressing

Silver regulates blood flow throughout the veins and body, and silver has a healing effect. Also, silver calms the body’s energy, and healing the trauma in jewelry is also associated with chakras of the body, making it health safe.

Leading Manufacturers and Exporters in The Market

Finding the perfect manufacturer might be troublesome. Some players in the market have already made their firm foot over wholesale silver jewelry exporters. Silver Star Jewellery is one of the leading players in the market. They are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, outstanding customer service, great prices, and speedy shipping.

Unique Style and Handcrafted

They are a silver jewelry manufacturer and export their product worldwide. They have customers from the Netherlands, UK, Poland, Hong Kong, USA, France, etc. Silver start jewels have been ruling the market by being manufacturers and exporters of 925 sterling silver jewelry since 1978.

A handcrafted personalized shop owned and managed by a family supplying exquisite yet affordable jewelry. At the same time, many more players in the market, namely, Akratic jewels Inc., Jewel Pins, Druvanch Creation, Kotawala jewels, Chandrani pearls, etc., have been providing export services of silver jewelry too.

Blue Topaz Jewellery

With excellent range and choices, these manufacturers are in constant competition to take up the market. Alongside the superb match, these manufacturers also compete to maintain the price level and quality.

Silver jewelry is something that is loved by all. It is not expensive as gold nor cheap as ordinary metal jewelry, and it has its uniqueness that most people around the country appreciate and therefore buy it. However, when it comes to jewelry, nobody wants a mainstream piece.

With Silver Star Jewellery, you can get a combo of style and trust. As we already mentioned, Silver Star is an excellent place if you are a silver jewelry lover. It has always kept up with the market and came up with a new up-to-date design that will be sold immediately. They are a trusted brand with great quality products, so why would anyone not want to have business with them. So, if you are looking for silver jewelry, look no more; Silver Star is the best manufacturer you can get!

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