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Sterling Silver Jewelry

A Definitive Guide On How To Style Sterling Silver Jewelry


If you think that only buying jewelry is enough and put it on, they all look the same.

Then, I must say you’re slipping off reality. Wearing a jewelry piece is one thing and styling it to bring out its true potential is another. No matter how expensive a piece is or how luxurious it looks, if you fail to style it the right way, your look goes amiss.

The best part about styling is- you can wear a single piece of jewelry in multiple ways while looking unique each time.

Whether you’re looking for ways to style your already existing jewelry collection or want to experiment with the new sterling silver ornaments, this guide answers it all. Pop up your style with sterling silver jewelry and get ready to look gorgeous.

Layer it up!

You can layer your sterling silver necklaces to get the best out of them. Layering up does enhance your look but make sure to stack necklaces of varying sizes instead of keeping them all the same.

Putting all necklaces of the same size can make them tangle with each other, which can create a real mess, and we don’t want that to happen.

Opt for a refined single chain for a special occasion if you’re going for a casual look. You can walk the extra mile by flaunting your best pieces.

Add Gemstones to Jazz up Your Look

Give yourself a sophisticated yet designer look by adding gemstones to your style statement.

Now, either you can pick a sterling silver piece that has gems embedded on it or pair a silver ornament with a gemstone accessory.

It can look like a silver chain and an embellished ring to hang in your style angle. You can also dial down your look by adding a pearl-coated silver neckpiece.

Match it With The Attire

Your look goes from flop to a smashing hit right after casting up some delicate silver jewels that compliment your clothing.

You need to make sure that your outfit matches the kind of accessories you are carrying. There’s a simple rule.

Don’t overdo your jewelry if you’re wearing an OTT ensemble, and give out some space. But a sophisticated outfit can shine instantly with some sterling silver pieces.

Add a Tint of Color

To make your silver jewelry stand out, it becomes super essential to keep a tab on the colors of the outfit you’re donning yourself into.

Never wear a bold color in day events if you’re thinking of going with silver because the shade will take away all the attention. Opting for pastels or neutral shades is the perfect idea in such cases.

During the evening, you can give a chance to dark tones to make silver dazzle its charm in the night.

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