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Does Real Silver Turn Black?

Does Real Silver Turn Black?

Wondering if real silver can turn black? And if it does turn black, then is it real? Be it any silver, real or sterling, it can tarnish with time if not kept under good maintenance.

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Also these days there are many Silver Jewellery Manufacturers available and all different selling products. So before trusting any seller, here is everything you need to know.

Does Silver Become Black?

Real silver can also turn black. However, this depends on many situations, such as :

  • When silver comes in contact with hydrogen sulfide, it undergoes a chemical reaction that forms a black layer.
  • Silver also turns black or tarnishes more quickly when it comes to areas with a lot of sunshine and high humidity.
  • Silver can also turn black when interacting with items like perfume, deodorant, cosmetics, hairspray, bleach, body lotion, etc.
  • The natural oils the skin produces can also react with silver jewelry and turn it black.
  • Silver also gets tarnished by sweat containing ammonia, increasing skin acidity.

Therefore, it is a false statement that silver jewelry that oxidizes to black would contain little or no silver. Silver accessories that have oxidized prove that they are made of silver.

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How to Test if a Silver is Fake?

Wondering if the silver you’ve is real or not? Besides asking any Silver Jewellery Exporter, you can also determine this by performing a few tests such as :

  • Neodymium Magnets

Real silver has weak magnetic effects, so you can test silver using Neodymium magnets. If the silver is real, then the magnet will gently slide when they tilt or tip the silver. And if the silver is not real, the magnet will not attach or stick in any way.

  • Sound Test

Another test you can perform is with its sound. Silver makes a ringing sound when tapped, just like a bell does.

However, less expensive ones make a dull thud sound. So you can either drop it or use an object to listen to the sound.

  • Test Using Ice

All you need to do is lay some ice on the silver and another piece of ice a few inches away from it.

Since the silver will have held heat from your hand, the ice on it should start to melt right away, while the ice close to it would melt more slowly.

  • Test using bleach

Most of the metals that are used to make silver substitutes do not tarnish as silver does. Apply a drop of bleach to the item and wait.

If there is an immediate reaction, you’ll see silver on your hands and the object rusting and blackening.

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Avoid Fake Silver and Turn to a Reputed Company!

Many people are selling plated silver, and it can be difficult to trust the right one.

Isn’t it?

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