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Does Sterling Silver Turn Green?

Does Sterling Silver Turn Green?

Finding a perfect piece of jewelry is not an easy task. It can be stressful to tell the difference between the actual item and the fakes with so many dealers selling knock-offs. But when you do find one that compliments your everyday style – it is considered to be ecstatic.

However, all your celebrations can be put on a damper when you start experiencing the drawback that the particular piece is turning green. Despite the fact that it is harmless, the sight of the green tint can be annoying.

On the other hand, wholesale silver jewelry suppliers have been using sterling silver to make jewelry for decades. So the question that remains constant is does sterling silver also turn green?

Can Sterling Silver Turn Green in Color?

Few types of rings are reported to color people’s fingers or themselves green. While others stay fine even after regular use. However, this may happen either because the ring has not been purchased from trusted wholesale silver jewelry suppliers like Silver star jewelry or the other factors that very few people know of.

It is important to understand that the skin reacts differently to certain items in different ways. Some may feel comfortable with a particular metal while others may experience discomfort or irritation. Talking about the jewelry industry, the 925 sterling silver rings contain other metals like copper besides silver.

Therefore, it is due to the chemical reaction with the skin that the copper can result in producing a green tint. Also, it is important to understand that the severity of the green tint varies depending on the amount of copper that has been used by the sterling silver jewelry supplier to make the ring.

Some other factors that you must consider behind the cause of this problem include an individual’s perspiration rate and types of items applied to the skin.

How to Stop Your Finger From Turning Green in Color?

If you do not want to compromise your styling, then know that you don’t have to. The green tint around your finger can be easily dealt with if you follow these few underlying steps.

Purchase a High-quality Silver Ring

Sometimes the quality of the ring may not be the reason why your fingers are turning green. But the other times they could be.

So before you purchase a silver ring make sure to enquire about its material, quality, and other factors.

Do not purchase it from any regular store. Instead, choose reliable stores like Silver star jewelry who are known for their genuineness and high-end items.

Keep the Area Dry

When you wear rings on damp or wet skin, it increases your chances of experiencing a noticeable green tinge. Therefore to avoid it, you are recommended to take off the ring before washing your hands or taking shower.

On the other hand, make sure to apply lotions and body products nicely so that they absorb the skin before you put on the ring.

This is simply because the presence of chemicals in beauty products can promote oxidation and hasten degeneration. Also, make sure to remove the ring when jumping into the pool consisting of chlorine.

Coat with Clear Nail Polish

One of the easiest ways to prevent the green tinge from taking place around your finger is by applying nail polish on the inside of the ring.

As using colored nail polish may ruin your ring’s appearance, it is ideal to choose clear nail polish.

Once you apply the nail polish to the ring, allow it to dry for some time before putting it on the back again. Then wear it and repeat the process as required accordingly.

Choose a Good Quality Ring Today!!

Sometimes you may not be the problem but the ring itself. This is why it is recommended to purchase rings from the leading sterling silver jewelry supplier like Silver star jewelry.

Being a trusted manufacturer of silver rings, they have a team of experienced designers who handcraft every ring with full dedication and passion. By putting all the metals in the right quantity, they have made sure to prevent your finger from becoming green.

With thousands of happy customers, they believe in offering consistency to everyone through their affordable rated items.

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