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Silver Star Jewelry- The Number 1 Exporter In India For Handmade Silver Jewelry

Silver Star Jewelry- The Number 1 Exporter In India For Handmade Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is a symbol of prosperity. Silver jewelry made with bare hands, without using machines except for necessary tools, is usually handmade silver jewelry. Sterling silver contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5 % of other materials. Therefore, the durability of these silvers is higher. Hand-crafted jewelry of silver can be unique, and if purchased from trustable sellers, it can be efficient in both price and quality. For instance, consider Silver Star Jewelry, a jewelry exporting brand that offers solid 925 sterling silver with exquisite design and beautifully crafted ornaments. With 40 years of business experience, they can provide a satisfactory high-quality silver product and a diverse range of varieties. From occasional vibrant wear to lightweight regular use jewelry, their vast collection of products includes everything. The best-skilled designers decorate the pieces of jewelry, and as a result, each piece of jewelry is unique.

925 Pure Silver Original RED GARNET HANDMADE Necklace

Why Choose Handmade Jewelry?

The first benefit of purchasing handmade jewelry is getting a unique product each time. This jewelry portrays a different story, and every individual piece of the same style has some variation. It also has some other benefits, like it protects an individual from an allergic reaction and always remains in the trend. Especially hand-crafted silver jewelry can never go out of fashion, and these products are called to be timeless and always fit with most styles. Compared with other metals, gemstone silver jewelry can go with any piece of cloth, be it western or Indian. And luckily, you can get it all at Silver Star Jewelry. The prices are also very economical for these products. Other than maintaining the style, it also covers your budget. These materials are not costly, and few products are super inexpensive. These Indian silver jewelry pieces are precious but not expensive, like platinum or gold. To sum it up,

925 Solid Silver CUT PINK ROSE QUARTZ Gemstone ASTONISHING Pendant

  • These pieces of jewelry have high strength due to the mixed alloy.
  • These products are durable.
  • Elegant and stylish products with customization.
  • It never gets out of date and is easy to maintain
  • Extensive collection of designs to create an impressive look.
  • Reasonable price for trendy products

Different handmade jewelry products are available to style your daily or ethnic look. These are

1) Simple Assembled jewelry:

These products are made simply by assembling. This jewelry is unique and primarily personalized. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and many other jewelry pieces can be formed by simply assembling.


2) Wire Wrapped jewelry:

Usually, pendants or bracelets are made with this design, and this jewelry is decorated with different gauges of wire. These products are easy to make, stylish to wear, and thus easy to spot nowadays.

3) Hand Stamped Products:

It is famous handmade jewelry among the young population. These jewels can be crafted with simple tools like a heavy hammer. These stamps are available in different shapes & styles, such as animals, people, alphabet, other forms, or holiday themes. Apart from these, there are a lot of various products of silver available, and one can choose according to their taste and purpose of usage. However, to use these products for a long time, one needs to take good care of them by keeping them away from the exposure to water and air &. To clean the jewelry, anti-tarnish liquids can be used.

925 Sterling Silver Amazing FRESH WATER PEARL PRETTY Bracelet

Things to Consider Before Purchasing!

As a buyer, there are a few things that one needs to take care of before purchasing any silver jewelry. & The first thing to consider about your purchase is to buy from a trustable seller. With 99% positive feedback Silver Star Jewelry has been the Power seller on eBay for almost 11 years for providing satisfactory products. Budget is another important parameter to take into account. To get the best value, it is suggested to buy products directly from the manufacturer. First, decide the amount you are ready to invest in bulk jewelry. Sellers with no minimum order value are suggested when you have just started. Also, ensure the payment procedure is secure and do not store your confidential information. It is essential to choose quality over quantity. Make sure the products you are purchasing are excellent in quality. Manufacturers and silver jewelry exporters who have a colossal collection and can also offer quality, long-lasting products like Silver Star Jewelry are the best fit. Their personalized and fast delivery service will give you the best possible purchase experience.

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