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How To Get My Jewelry Designs Manufactured?   

How To Get My Jewelry Designs Manufactured?   

Planning to get your own jewelry designed and manufactured? These days there is no shortage of manufacturers or competitors. So choosing the best one could be a challenging task.

However, to ease your task here are some steps to follow to get your jewelry designed and manufactured by the best.

  • Focus On Your Needs

The very first thing is to ask yourself certain specific and crucial questions. To select the best manufacturer, you need to highlight some of the features of your sterling silver wholesale jewelry designs.

Instead of hastening, list the materials you’re going to use, define your targeted quantities, identify the techniques you want to use, and prepare a technical document including what colors and designs you want.

  • Talk to the Manufacturer

Once you identify a wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer, the next step is to talk to the maker about this.

This is because they will advise you about the best jewelry pieces and will help in adding to your imagination.

Furthermore, the manufacturer will go through various phases, depending on your design such as casting, measurements, mold manufacturing, stone sourcing, and plating.

You can also request pricing and retroactive planning for your jewelry collection at this stage.

  • Cost of Materials and Labour

Calculate the cost of each item and the cost of labor using the list of supplies and other requirements.

Keep in mind that, unless you have your own production equipment, the business you choose will set the cost of labor.

If you are outsourcing, provide the sterling silver wholesale jewelry manufacturer the list of materials and get an estimate of their cost.

  • Access Production

Once you’re clear about your samples and the cost involved, it is time to go to production. This involves checking a few samples and working further with the items if made properly.

Production can take anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on the manufacturer and the amount of your order.

Throughout production, a quality inspection will be done to make sure your wholesale sterling silver jewelry satisfies your standards for quality.

Besides, you can also talk to your manufacturer about how your product will be packaged and the required chemical tests.

What Difficulties Are Involved in Manufacturing Jewelry Designs?

With all the excitement of manufacturing wholesale sterling silver jewelry, also comes some risks and challenges involved such as:

  • When you are far from the production site, quality control is more difficult.
  • You must be prepared to cope with challenges like paperwork, expenses, and even service delays.
  • When you outsource to businesses located far away, it will be more difficult to find defective products, implement adjustments, customize designs, and also more time to recreate the pieces.
  • When the demand rises, it could be a little challenging to convince the manufacturer to produce additional items on the schedule.
  • Additionally, you must be familiar with county laws and their rules.

Turn Your Designs Into Reality!

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