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Why Do Indian Women Wear Silver Anklets on Their Legs?

Why Do Indian Women Wear Silver Anklets on Their Legs?

India is an old country with rich culture and heritage, one of the traditions we still follow is women wearing ornaments made from gold and silver.

Some of us may believe these accessories are nothing but for beauty, but studies show that this thousand-year-old tradition has great significance on a woman’s health and overall well-being. Anklets (Payal/ Ghungroo) and toe rings are one of the common ornaments worn by women in India.

What are Anklets?

Anklets, also known as Payal/ Ghungroo in Hindi, are strings made of metal worn by women (married or unmarried) around the ankle. These are mostly made of silver. Some women wear gold too, but because of religious reasons, it is prohibited (Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, which also signifies gold, to respect her and her blessings, it is believed to be rude to wear gold on feet.)

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Few Scientific reasons why Indian women wear Silver anklets on their legs:

1. For Relief From Pain

People experiencing leg pain, numbness, tingling (or any other general weakness) can wear silver anklets as a remedy, which works as great pain relief. For those whose leg pain originates from the lower back, it travels through the hips down to the sciatic; wearing silver can be a great help for them.

The silver anklet helps relieve great pains mostly because silver absorbs energy from Earth and fills your body with positive vibrations (positive vibrations are great medicine for one’s mind and soul).

2. Heals Your Energy

One should wear silver anklets daily if they want to allow better energy flow in their body.

As we all know, energy is never wasted and transfers from one form to another. A silver anklet works wonders for one’s body, revising the energy back into the body as silver re-adjusts energy flow through the body.

With the help of positive silver ions, our body’s positive charge is maintained when we wear the positively charged silver anklets. This is why wearing an anklet might be the best choice if they want to remain divine and energetic. If you are searching for the best 925 sterling silver anklets manufacturers, connect with Silver star jewelers, who provide variety and profitable jewelry to all their customers.

3. Works as An Immune Booster

Anklets do not just adorn the feet but also work magic on the body, which has various health benefits.

This includes

  • • Ensuring the activation of your lymph glands (which simultaneously boosts your immunity).
  • • One of the reasons why women especially wear anklets is that the body, by nature, sends a lot of electrical currents. Still, these electrical currents are needed to be stabilized, and the best way is to wear anklets and toe rings made of silver to hold back the positive energy while letting go of negative ones.

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